Friday, October 10, 2008

July at Nana's house. These cousins try to make up for lost time every summer when we get together.

Dad took us fishing at a neighbor's pond. The kids got to pull in fish right and left. Poor Keith had a harder time. Look hard and you'll see his guppy.

We had a great time on our summer vacation in Georgia. Keith caught his second fish ever. Selah and Charis got to swim and play with their Maryland cousins. Great memories!


We celebrated Selah's birthday in Georgia with family. She is a big 14 month old now - cutting molars and constantly on the go.

Charis and her cousin Zackery had a joint birthday party with a split theme of Cinderella meets Spiderman! :-) We had a great time! She is definitely a princess. She wears her Cinderella ball gown more than anything else these days.

My girls

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is the new brunette me. Charis loves to dress like Cinderella. Look closely and you'll see she is sitting on Selah, who is also learning to dress up - she likes wearing Charis' shoes at 13 months old!