Charis' funny face

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Charis likes to make funny faces! She also is a book lover! Instead of taking a favorite animal to church with us, we have to carry out a stack of books - we never get into the car or stroller for a walk without a fresh stack of books to "read" on the way.

Growing, growing, growing

Hi everyone. I temporarolly forgot I had started this blog. I'll try to update it when I can get to a computer. Selah is growing so fast. I think she is about 10 pounds - judging from my non-scientific weighing with her on our bathroom scale. She has filled out and begun to smile - chiefly at her mommy who she adores :-) (I'm also the food supplier, so maybe that's the connection.) The ladies who had her in the nursery at church say she smiled at them, too.
Charis, on the other hand, is growing in language skills so quickly! She has begun to say things like, "Ok baby. Mommy's coming." (when little sis cries) She also asked me recently "Mommy, what you doing?" and "Mommy where are you?" or "Where mommy go?" More often she just says "Mommy, wanna go" - to see Nana, to church, outside, to play with doesn't matter, she just likes to GO! Wonder where she got that?
Keith preached today at church. It was good - the theme was are you at WAR with God (as in warring against powers and principalities) or FAR away from him. An added bonus was that Dan, Carrie, Dalton and Lexi came to church with us and then had lunch. We had a good time visiting. I must say that Lexi and Charis probably had the best time. They love to play together, and we laugh at Charis because she has been saying her name is Lexi for the past 3 or 4 weeks since we last saw them!