Sweet girls

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Those moments of sweetness cover a multitude of sins...

The reason you can't turn your back for a minute

A sure sign you're not going to be up for Mother of the Year? Hearing your 3 year old say her sibling is in the dryer....
-"Please tell me she's not in the dryer."
-"Yes, she's in the dryer."
- "Hiding!" proclaims Selah.
It's a good thing the apartment is so small, she's never more than a couple steps away.

Easter Dresses

Friday, March 27, 2009
Charis and Selah were excited to get "pillow case" dresses in the mail. It meant lots of twirling until they fell down dizzy and giggling. I'm grateful for anything that wears them out so they can go to sleep :-) Charis was at her silliest. Too bad her mom forgot to wipe the spaggetti o's off her mouth!

Selah says "cheese" when any camera appears. She loves to copy her big sister, and she is tough and adventerous, climbing on anything and everything to keep up with the big kids. Keith says she's like her mom because she drinks my coffee (black and strong) and will eat my spicey food and ask for more!

Pijama Party

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Charis had a great time at our sweet friend Natalie's 5th birthday party. Natalie and her mom planned a little girl dream morning get together complete with curlers, green face masks, and foot treatments in what Charis called "little pools" (foot massagers :0). Add in the glazed donuts they decorated with icing, sprinkles and m&m's, and it's no wonder she went hard all day talking like crazy and then crashed hard at 8:00! What a fun day! (Selah was there too, but she was only interested in having her toenails painted and eating m&m's off of everyone's plate!)

New Easter baskets

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Our first snow day was fun. Selah stood outside on the porch - with her ever-present best friend "bankbet" as she calls it.

Then the cold days just get to be loonnggg days, and we end up searching for everything we can to entertain - like Charis loading Selah up and pulling her around the house in the little wagon.

New Easter baskets are soooo exciting. What could we do with them? I know, put them on our heads and call them a hat! :-)

This one is for Nana to see the pink dress she's wearing to church tomorrow. She loves her hand-me-downs from our neighbor!

That belly is straining at her strawberry shortcake top - she's in 90% for her height and about to shoot up again!

New Shades

Friday, March 13, 2009
Gotta wear shades! Charis and Selah love getting cards from paw-paw because it means a trip to Target to get important things for any girl - like new shades! Charis has so much fun dressing up - and especially when Charis is in the mood for dressing Selah. This can be hillarious. I'm not what it will look like when they are 13 and 11 instead of 3 and 18 months....

I feel like singing that song from "White Christmas" - Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! (lucky for you that you don't actually have to hear me!) From COLD to warm to wet, cold and rainy...we're ready for Easter and Resurrection Sunday for more than one reason!

Ear infections and all, we had to go out to play for a few minutes with the snow so perfect for making snowballs. Of course, Charis just wants to eat it (calls it "icing") and Selah was contect to let C feed her!

One day we're wearing layers and digging in the snow and a few days later we're in shorts and flip flops - much to Charis' flip-flop loving heart's delight!

Sweet Selah

Poor little sickly girls - they each had an ear infection (both ears for Selah) and felt bad during our second snow storm of the year! Imagine - stuck inside for 5 days with feverish, miserable preschoolers while it's 40 degrees outside....what memories :-) We're grateful to be feeling better now!

Charis the Fairest

Charis the ballerina and Charis the Cool Easter Bunny! She is a happy, girly-girl!